Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Summary #2

What a crazy stressful week it has been at work!! The weekend really could not have come sooner.
  • I finished the Fify Shades Trilogy :-( I have noticed on twitter though more and more people are getting into the book. I read an article in The Sun branding it 'Mummy Porn' - I disagree, I think its every girls guilty pleasure haha! I think my next read will be Immortal City.
  • I Went to Farridngdon with a few girls from work on Thursday. As we had the taste card we went to Little Bay. I love it there!! The food was so tastey and the cocktails even better. Needless to say I felt a little rough come Friday morning.

I spent most of the day in my PJ's sorting out my bedroom and wardrobe (which still is not done!). My parcels FINALLY arrived from H&M and Topshop - You would think that working just off Oxford Street I would would go into the s I seem to have a obsession with four trends at the moment; Denim, Studs, Sequins and Tye Dye - Can you tell?


Mint Green and Tye Dye dress - Both H&M 
White Sequin Jumper from Topshop (Now Sold Out)


I had a pretty lazy Sunday aswell. Spent the day with my VERY happy boyfriend (Chelsea fan - Need I say more). 
We went for a Nando's lunch and did a bit of shopping. He then suggested a little drive round London which I was all for. I love driving round London!