Sunday, 22 July 2012

Style Outside The Box

Style Outside the Box 
Styleoutside the box is not like all the other fashion boutique websites. Unlike most sites that feature the same old trends you see out on the high street, Style outside the Box offer something diverse and unique.
Created in the city that captures all of our hearts – New York, Laura, the founder of Style Outside the Box, became captivated by the talent and energy shown by these designers, and decided it was time to share their one of a kind products with the world.
The website is solely for exclusive independent designers who stand behind every one-of-a-kind product made and sold, each selected by the style Outside the Box’s council juries. Knowing that the products featured are not mass produced, it offers a more personal shopping experience knowing most products are made to order.

My Top 4 Brands 

1. Brace Yourself

BraceYourself was created by Jen Ahdou in 2011. Based in LA, Jen is a designer who’s pieces consist of semi precious stones and champagne diamond bracelets with leather cord or gold chain bands. Brace Yourself aimed to create simple timeless pieces that are wearable on all occasions, and in my opinion, they have got it spot on! My favourite piece is the bracelets below. All the colours are eye catching enough to make a statement and would not look out of place if I was dressed up going to a wedding or if I was just hanging out on the beach in a bikini. 

 2. Collart

Collart was founded by Shuchita Manchanda in 2002 in India. Shuchita has created an exquisite range of beautiful and colourful hand-painted, handmade scarves. As each product is handmade, each one sold will have its own uniqueness which is what I love most. The $99 price tag is justified by using the most luxurious fabrics like cashmere, pashmina , merino and angora wool, not forgetting that luxury feeling of knowing that the scarf was handmade especially for you, giving it that more personal connection compared to a cheap scarf that had been mass produced and was hanging around everyone’s neck! A Collart scarf will give your outfit that extra bit of excitement and will definitely catch a few wondering eyes.


 3. Briwok

Briwok was inspired in memory of Brianne Toth, whom began making feather earrings from pheasants that her good friend hunted. When Brianne passed away tragically in 2009, her best friend finally found a way to keep her close and to keep her name and stories from fading away. The jewelry created is inspired by and a tribute to a beautiful, unique soul who passed away all too soon. These pieces really do have a personal feel to them. They remind me of a ‘Hippy’ style, connecting to the free spirit vibe Briwok was perhaps going for. They are subtle statement pieces that all seem to relate earth and nature, showing a story behind it.


 4. The Odyssey

We have all been there… trying to pack our suitcase and not knowing where to start! Enter Anh Stovall, founder of The odyssey. Her idea of wanting to upgrade from the typical multi-purpose plastic bag to something a little more eco-friendly and with a little more feminine charm. Anh has created modern designs for 18 luxury travel bags executed in high-quality, old-world charm & embroidery. They are a great addition to any suitcase and will make the perfect gift for the right lady! I can imagine these being in high demand this summer!



Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday Summary # 9

Birthday fever is continuing throughout July. As mentioned last weekend it was my sister and boyfriends birthday. this weekend was a belated birthday night out as my sister was a little under the weather last week. 
Also this weekend I have found the new two loves of my lift - NARS liquid and powder foundation!

My outfit was inspired by the much loved blogger LLYMLRS after seeing it on one of her outfit posts and instantly loved - Plus it had gone into the sale, so double plus!

Dress - ASOS - Ankle Boots - TOPSHOP

I popped into Liberty finally as a few of my followers on twitter recommend I tried NARS make up, knowing how much I struggle with my fair skin to find the perfect match. I must admit I was going in rather closed minded as I thought 'Hmmm, bet it will all still be too orange on me' but I couldn't be more wrong!! The LIGHT1 SIBERIA is AMAZING!!!! As you know, I am not a huge beauty lover like a lot of blogs, but this most certainly needed to feature.

I went for the Sheer Glow Liquid foundation and the powder foundation both amazing products. The Sheer Glow foundation is very watery based and perfect if you have normal to dry skin. I was tempted by the Sheer Matt, but after speaking with the consultant, she advised it was for more oily skins. The colour is an EXACT match for my skin tone and does not leave those dreaded orange tone lines around my face.

I have included some pics on the night out, but I know you cannot actually see the make up - I forgot my cam :-( 

I just literally laid in bed recovering from the night before and watched the Tennis. I really would have loved for Murray to win as it would have been an epic celebration but lets face it - Ferderer is a true ledge and gent. Role on the Olympic Tennis now I say. (Trying to get myself excited for the Olympics but still dreading my journeys to work every morning)

Once I dragged myself out of bed, I went to go see Spider man! I loved everything about it and deffo best film I have seen since The Avengers!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Summary # 8

Such a busy weekend! It was my boyfriends birthday on Saturday and then my sisters on Sunday!


As I didnt see my boyfriend till late afternoon, I spent the morning in bed doing a bit of internet shopping as it was Payday :-) 
I have been on the hunt for some coloured jeans but nothing to bold, so when I saw these jeans on Topshop they were a MUST BUY!! I was not actually Then I went and had a look at the Urban Outfitters site and got 2 mega bargains! I LOVe this dress!! It has a low back as well (I will post pictures soon) and is a great dress up or down piece. The bag I just loved and had to have....

Topshop Jeans - 20.00 **Sale**

Urban Outfitters Dress - 25.00 **Sale**
Urban Outfitters Bag - 25.00 **Sale**
Needless to say that with two Birthdays - There was a lot of cake!