Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday Summary # 9

Birthday fever is continuing throughout July. As mentioned last weekend it was my sister and boyfriends birthday. this weekend was a belated birthday night out as my sister was a little under the weather last week. 
Also this weekend I have found the new two loves of my lift - NARS liquid and powder foundation!

My outfit was inspired by the much loved blogger LLYMLRS after seeing it on one of her outfit posts and instantly loved - Plus it had gone into the sale, so double plus!

Dress - ASOS - Ankle Boots - TOPSHOP

I popped into Liberty finally as a few of my followers on twitter recommend I tried NARS make up, knowing how much I struggle with my fair skin to find the perfect match. I must admit I was going in rather closed minded as I thought 'Hmmm, bet it will all still be too orange on me' but I couldn't be more wrong!! The LIGHT1 SIBERIA is AMAZING!!!! As you know, I am not a huge beauty lover like a lot of blogs, but this most certainly needed to feature.

I went for the Sheer Glow Liquid foundation and the powder foundation both amazing products. The Sheer Glow foundation is very watery based and perfect if you have normal to dry skin. I was tempted by the Sheer Matt, but after speaking with the consultant, she advised it was for more oily skins. The colour is an EXACT match for my skin tone and does not leave those dreaded orange tone lines around my face.

I have included some pics on the night out, but I know you cannot actually see the make up - I forgot my cam :-( 

I just literally laid in bed recovering from the night before and watched the Tennis. I really would have loved for Murray to win as it would have been an epic celebration but lets face it - Ferderer is a true ledge and gent. Role on the Olympic Tennis now I say. (Trying to get myself excited for the Olympics but still dreading my journeys to work every morning)

Once I dragged myself out of bed, I went to go see Spider man! I loved everything about it and deffo best film I have seen since The Avengers!