Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Summary #11

Its almost Christmas!!!!! Soooo excited!

Work has finally finished and I am officially in Christmas mode! All my shopping is done - even got myself a few gifts. 

Today I went to the Montcalm hotel for a spa and afternoon tea day! It was so lovely and relaxing with my best friend! The staff are friendly and I would really recommend it. 

We then headed over to Covent garden and had some warm cider whilst browsing the shops and watching some street performers. 

Perfect day!!! 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hipanema - Hot new arm candy alert!

My new found love for arm candy can be found over at Hipanema! I have already bought two, which is no where near as many as I would like but when if carries a heavy pricey tag - it'll have to do for now.

They come in 3 sizes - depending on how many layers your wrist can handle. The colours are gorgeous and will want you wanting more and more! Initially I got them for Holiday but I never take them off. They have already appeared on my Santa list this year :) 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ISWAI.COM is the way to go!

ISWAI - it starts with an idea...

So I found this site a while back but kept meaning to actually write a post on it. As you may or may not know - it's a fashion brand founded by Caggie Dunlop from Made in Chelsea. What's refreshing about this is that Caggie helps people catch a break! Instead of just putting her name on a brand - she is actually finding fresh new designers and giving them a stepping stone!

With high street price tags - it really is worth checking out and getting a few pieces! The beauty if the site is that it's not your average high street clothes - the designs are more individual and not something you see everyday.

To make it just that bit more exciting- they do jewellery and bags! As you may tell from previous posts - I am a big jewellery fan. ISWAN has my perfect taste - turquoise stones and silver bohemian style necklaces! Plus as I love Caggies style - you know your shopping at the place.

Overall I think there are some great must have pieces - if your trying to be good... Why not send a subtle hint for a Christmas stocking filler 😉 I know I will be.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I'M BACK... Sunday Summary #10

WOW... Its been a while!! 

Its been over a year since my last post - I guess I found it quite difficult to fit time in to blog with everything that was going on. I really enjoy blogging and now I have a new job, I am going to make time to fit it in :-)

So I promise there will be more lifestyle and outfit posts coming soon....

So I thought what better way to welcome myself back to my blog is a Sunday Summary (of the week... Not the year)

Roast Dinner | Paper Chase Glasses | Primark Socks | Barking in Essex

Friday I went to the Wyndham's Theatre to see 'Barking in Essex' with Lee Evans and Sheila Hancock. It was HILARIOUS... I would highly recommend  seeing it whilst the original cast are still in it!

As winter is pretty much here, that means one thing... CHRISTMAS!! I LOVE Christmas. I got some Primark socks for like £2 with Father Christmas on - I actually adore wearing these even though I get a lot of stick at home. The Glasses I am wearing were from Paperchase - I put them on for a laugh when shopping and actually really regret not buying them!