Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ISWAI.COM is the way to go!

ISWAI - it starts with an idea...

So I found this site a while back but kept meaning to actually write a post on it. As you may or may not know - it's a fashion brand founded by Caggie Dunlop from Made in Chelsea. What's refreshing about this is that Caggie helps people catch a break! Instead of just putting her name on a brand - she is actually finding fresh new designers and giving them a stepping stone!

With high street price tags - it really is worth checking out and getting a few pieces! The beauty if the site is that it's not your average high street clothes - the designs are more individual and not something you see everyday.

To make it just that bit more exciting- they do jewellery and bags! As you may tell from previous posts - I am a big jewellery fan. ISWAN has my perfect taste - turquoise stones and silver bohemian style necklaces! Plus as I love Caggies style - you know your shopping at the place.

Overall I think there are some great must have pieces - if your trying to be good... Why not send a subtle hint for a Christmas stocking filler 😉 I know I will be.